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When it is 2am here in the UK, the BBC News 24 overnight titles come but which music is correct?



[URL=http://www.stonkey.net/Overnight Titles.wav]2[/URL]

EDIT: The Links will be there within an hour
cwathen3,383 posts since 27 Dec 2001
How on earth can you make fairly decent quality wave files sound that bad? I'm going for the first one, but from what I can hear from the second one, it sounds like they might both be the same.

The first one definately correct however.
rts2,748 posts since 14 Oct 2001
Call me Mr Cynical but I think this is some very witty member under another name playing a little joke. Ho hum! One of the better ones! Or not.

However your attempt to batter my ear-drums failed I'm afraid. The second one is the current overnight titles. The bits I could hear had that distinctive staccato tone.
itsrobert6,438 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Re-it-er-ate posted:
From the awful quality it looks like the first one is the overnight one. Then again I can't even make out the second one, so its not 100%.

You're right - number 2 sounds like the 2000-2002 overnight theme.