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It’s funny how we all remember small things that would normally be ignored. I don’t remember any bombings, but the Columbine shooting had taken place a few days earlier.

I was at university at the time. I can remember sitting in the living room of our flat watching the news. IIRC, it was Anna Ford who anchored the One. At the end, there was a moment of confusion, uncertainty, call it what you will. She’d obviously been told what had happened, was listening to instructions and was uncertain if she should report it. Her tone and demeanour changed. As the broadcast ended, my flat mate (who was more than likely high as a kite, even at lunchtime) said “That was some weird **** at the end”.

Ten minutes later, the local news was over and they had the newsflash. When the slide appeared on screen, I can remember my flat mate saying “Told you so”.
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Around this time the One was being done by anyone and everyone....

Dear ford has been doing bits on the one for years

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I dont recall Anna Ford reading the One O'Clock News in the virtual era. Sure you were not as high as kite with your flatmate? 😂

She presented it on the day before Diana's funeral. There used to be a video on YouTube with various clips from the week, and I remember she presented it as well as the Six on that day. Oddly, Jon Sopel also presented it that week (I only recently found out he presented during the Virtual era), so I'm guessing Ed Stourton was on holiday that week.

Also, I remember when doing GCSE Biology, we were showed an old news clip, and it was certainly Anna Ford presenting the one in the Virtual era. No idea of the year mind
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This one: Who is that with ford?