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A trailer has been shown on BBC One for the upcoming documentary marking 20 years since Jill Dando's death.

The trailer seems to solely consist of behind the scene footage of a bewildered Jennie Bond and news team preparing for a Newsflash about Jill's death.

It looks like it's going to be a very interesting watch, especially for never before seen footage.
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I recall that day well. I was home on leave and on sick leave. The Jennie Bond news flash was surreal to say the least. It aired immediately after the One O'clock News IIRC. Which was presented by someone other than Jennie.

Horrible day.
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Interesting that Michael Buerk did the obit package in the 9 wheras Nick Higham did the one in the 6. I can't imagine any reason why they would routinely have both him and Peter Sissons rostered for the same shift, so I wonder if he perhaps came in because he felt he needed to do something in the circumstances?
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I remember watching BBC1 that day and there was a small explosion in Moscow and thinking when the Newsflash came on straight after the One O'Clock News it was with reference to the explosion. Im sure Jennie confirmed that Sky News reported she was dead.

Trevor McDonald would have been in the newsroom mid afternoon as he would have presented the Evening News. He also went on to present a special news programme around 8pm in which he interviewed Martyn Lewis
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