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Does no one else think there is a link between this new sky channel opening and the other so called Crime channels disappearing?

Nothing more sinister than the smaller players recognising that they won't be able to compete with Sky, even with a free to air offering. Sony have limited Freeview carriage and obviously feel they have a stronger proposition with movies. Fox have their premium brands to fall back on.
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Or was it just a mix up?
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Eh? Really is showing Antiques Road Trip on channel 142 on my Sky box at the moment...

Yes really (pun intended). On the endboard of their promos it only says Freeview followed by the channel number, the same for Freesat.
So the channel is still available but is no longer on the EPG?

As I said - it's on Channel 142 on Sky - so it's in the EPG.
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