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BBC channels are being broadcast on UHF channels 32 (new) and 58 (old) from Pontop Pike until 13th November 2019 as a test to see if households need an aerial upgrade.

See BBC channels on Freeview channels 1, 2 and 751, 752 and you are OK. If you only see 751, 752 etc after retuning, then a call to the Freeview Advice Line is needed. A free aerial upgrade is available unless you have Sky, Freesat or Virgin Media on your primary set.

The new frequency went live on Wednesday, but viewers weren't invited to retune until last Thursday. This gave engineers 24 hours to move unaffected relays to the new feed.

Great. Looks like I need to buy another aerial then (and considering this one claims to be 'wide-band' and bought from Argos in 2012, I'm not pleased)

But you may get the government to pay see https://www.freeview.co.uk/tvchanges
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Quest+1 and Hochanda going full time having timeshared previously so presumably taken the Your TV slot


Quest+1 went full time a couple of days before YourTV stopped.

Quest+1 has now moved to one of the national Freeview multiplex slots that were vacated by Sony a few months back, allowing Hochanda to expand back to full time operation.
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Sony must be keeping Sony Crime Channel so? Wonder why they don't give it the same brand as the other channels?

Not necessarily, and even if it does rebrand, that doesn't mean they won't be closing it. Tru TV was rebranded to True Crime, and was closed down less than 5 months later. Perhaps they want to avoid a repeat of an expensive rebrand for a channel which will have the same fate.

They have closed the Facebook page and website for Sony Crime Channel, which also happened to Tru TV, so it isn't looking good for Sony Crime Channel, which was also recently removed from Freeview and Freesat.

I don't think the launch of Sky Crime is any coincidence, and I reckon Sky were pre-empting the potential closure of Sony Crime Channel when they decided to launch it, and the closure of True Crime was probably a factor as well.
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How do Sky think they will have a successful pay TV true crime channel when Sony can't with a free one?

Sky have bigger pockets. And a subscription cost that could partly subsidise the channel. Sony only had the advertising revenue which because of its nature means one has to go after the stuff that rates.

Anyway Sky have probably signed new deals for content and need somewhere to put it all. But yes as above the other channels closing was probably the sign to go for it, but Sky tend to have success with channel launches these days. They seem to be on a quest as of late to maximise their value offerings in exchange for what you pay them so presumably launching channels that look pretty seems to satisfy this.
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Does no one else think there is a link between this new sky channel opening and the other so called Crime channels disappearing?