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From Monday all the dramas are dropped from Sony Crime Channel and it basically becomes the same schedule as True Crime. What are they doing with this channel?
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Following a previous announcement, Keep It Country has now rebranded as Spotlight TV.

When the rebrand was announced, they said that "the core format will remain as country music, but the name change will reflect the fact that increasingly popular non country shows are also now also attracting large audiences to the channel".

Another example of a music channel having to diversify in order to survive, and I expect that this rebrand will result in more diversification away from country music.

I hope it doesn't end up going the same way as CMT, which ended up very much like MTV after it was acquired by Viacom.
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BBC World News
It seems DMAX has already dropped some of the new acquisitions, so it's Quest 2, really

Personally, I'd do a major shake up of their channels. And renaming DMAX into something like Motor Trend, would make it more distinguishable compared to Quest
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Kunst433 posts since 29 Jun 2016
BBC World News
Quest Red shouldn't exist IMO
It is an odd name

Either merge it with TLC or Really. So, to create the British counterpart of the Italian Real Time (not with the same name, but with the same concept) and FTA, which is very successful
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BBC World News
It'll be interesting to see what will be done with Good Food

Interestingly in Italy Food Network (which is also FTA), unlike the British counterpart, is full of self-produced stuff, and barely has American content

But here in Italy American cuisine shows would barely be successful, for obvious reasons