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Pawn Stars is a much better fit for BLAZE than HISTORY, and as they are specifically looking to grow and expand the channel it now makes perfect sense to move it over.
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Back to DMAX and another new Ident -- FOOD..

Also Bo jackhorse it seems have been dumped and Archer has been moved to 00.00
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Chart Show Hits has rebranded to Global Hits, although it's still got the Chart Show logo.

Unlike previous rebrands (such as Chart Show Summer and Christmas Hits), I'm guessing this will be a permanent rather than a temporary rebrand, as I can't see any reason for this one being temporary.

I hope this isn't the start of them phasing out the Chart Show brand following the sale to Trace at the end of last year, as it really would be the end of an era if that ever happens.
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On a related note, Starz TV has ended its interactive service (for now), but they are saying it will be back in the Autumn with a new look.

I'm not sure how popular the interactive service was, especially in this day and age of You Tube and Spotify, but this seems like a bit of a strange decision, as while there's no interactive service, the audience could go elsewhere, and may not return when the service resumes.
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surprised it was used at all, send a photo in at a £1 a pop to have it squeezed into a painfully tiny frame and a message also at £1 a pop to appear in a cheap knock off Grandstand Vidiprinter style box.

The interactive service also included video requests.
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I'm pretty sure this makeover was LONG overdue, especially with how phones are now easily accessible. I'd imagine the new interactive system will work on social media instead of the old and ancient texting method. Too late to do it, however.

Can't see that happening, as how would they generate revenue if they used social media instead of text messages?
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Sony seem to have deleted the Facebook page for Sony Crime Channel. Could this be a sign of a channel closure or another possible rebrand?

Seems possible, given that TruTV ended up being rebranded as True Crime following the closure of its Facebook page.

Given the closure of Sony Crime Channel 2 last year, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if Sony Crime Channel is closed as well.

If a closure is planned, I'm surprised they didn't just close TruTV and rebrand Sony Crime Channel as True Crime, especially given that Sony Crime Channel 2 was originally called True Crime.
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But if they were closing a channel you'd think it would be True Crime. It have very small viewing figures and it's programming just consists of old recycled true crime series. It is not also on Freeview. For a pay TV channel it's very poor. You'd think they would be closing this. True Crime pales in comparison to Sony Crime Channel.