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I love Christmas, but even I think it’s getting earlier than ever this year; sweets and biscuits appeared in certain shops and supermarkets in august along with Christmas cards in the Card Factory.

For these channels showing christmas films must bring in more viewers, that’s all that I can think, especially for the fact that Movies 24 did their Christmas in July campaign this year.

The sweet tubs appearing in August is for Eid - though some are Christmas themed.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Yesterday+1 (everyone insert the same joke here!) has now been added to Freeview, taking channel 99, the last in the main entertainment section. Further channels will find themselves in the 140s.

Ahead of the proposed UKTV split a wise move to take probably the most prominent slot in the later stages of the EPG - for those of us who use HD as norm it's as near to BBC1 as they can get.
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Ugly implemention of the CBS Action to CBS Drama rebrand in various places, as they have used a new version of the logo with CBS above Justice rather than in a line like CBS Reality and CBS Drama, and how CBS Action was. Shame, as they had only recently got them looking consistent!
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On the other hand they have seemed to go to the effort of properly rendering the 'bullet' ident falling in front of the new logo on the bullet shell ident as it did with CBS Action. I was half expecting them to not even bother for that one and just overlay it instead.


One thing I've not seen under this minor rebrand yet is a 'social media' version of the generic ident (the one where the logo sits on the left rather than in the centre). Although for how rarely I watch the CBS channels they could have dropped those from all of the channels a while back now!
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Not quite Freeview but this is probably the best place for it. Trace (which I think briefly had a few music channels in the UK) have bought Sony's music channels (Chart Show, Vault etc).
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