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fanoftv8,060 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
I love Christmas, but even I think it’s getting earlier than ever this year; sweets and biscuits appeared in certain shops and supermarkets in august along with Christmas cards in the Card Factory.

For these channels showing christmas films must bring in more viewers, that’s all that I can think, especially for the fact that Movies 24 did their Christmas in July campaign this year.
Neil Jones5,139 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
Soon be time to top up the Noddy Holder Pension Fund again.

I suppose as Christmas has effectively taken over autumn over here we can at least partly experience what it's like on the other side of the world, after all it does fall in the middle of summer over there.
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NO change has happened YET but it looks like its possible soon. .. Travel Channel has gotten a new look in the USA

new logo on USA: October 01, 2018. Maybe keep an eye on the channel..........................


Maybe you’ve picked up on the vibe. New Travel Channel programs focusing on the paranormal, the unsolved, the creepy and terrifying are taking viewers into some compelling and surprising new territories. Let’s just say there are destinations you may not have been anticipating.

Take for example the month-long event, Ghostober. The multifaceted and supernaturally focused lineup features, among other things, a special four-part installment of the mega-hit Ghost Adventures along with new shows and specials like Most Terrifying Places in America, Chris Jericho: Monster Hunt and Scariest Night of My Life. Not to mention Haunted Live, a new weekly live interactive ghost-hunting series where viewers help guide the investigation. (Get the full run-down on Ghostober here.)

Coinciding with all of this is an update and re-design of the network logo, as you see above. The network name remains the same, but there’s a visually abbreviated handle (“Trvl”), an updated type treatment and a more subdued color palette. Accompanying that, you may also notice some new graphics and a generally more streamlined look when visiting travelchannel.com – designed to create a visual experience that’s more readable and simpler to navigate.

A discernible chill in the air. The Ghost Adventures crew heads to the Pacific Northwest for a new miniseries, Graveyard of the Pacific .

A discernible chill in the air. The Ghost Adventures crew heads to the Pacific Northwest for a new miniseries, Graveyard of the Pacific .

But while navigating around the website may feel more easy-breezy, treading into Travel Channel’s latest programming may seem more akin to entering a dark and shadowy wood. To quote Rod Serling’s famous Twilight Zone intro, you are about to enter another dimension – a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. And to borrow a foreboding phrase from 16th-century mapmakers when denoting uncharted regions – “Beyond here there be dragons.”