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Central (South) Midlands Today
This Morning has just crashed off air.

A Greenwich data switch caption appeared and now we're on the technical fault caption and the announcer apologising.

EDIT: Been a few minutes now and we're still not back. There hasn't been any music played however.

EDIT 2: Ah after about 3 minutes they've finally got the usual breakdown track on.

EDIT 3: 7 minutes in and we're still not back. Seems like some pretty serious problems they have going on.


EDIT 5: Coming up to 12 minutes in and they're still off air.

EDIT 6: We're back... but Holly and Philip have been carrying on in the meantime fully aware they were off air.
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Apparently they were back "in some areas" before complete normality was resumed. A nice little reminder that there's regionalisation in place, no matter how much ITV insist otherwise.

Yeah the old regional structure still there just as newsrooms outputting a feed to two main broadcast centres.