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Monkey Dust- Series 2

TUESDAY 21:30 | BBC THREE (November 2003)

I'd never seen or heard of this before. I thought it was fantastic! I felt guilty laughing at times, but that's just because I'm stupid.

Suprised nobody on here has commented upon the capoeria mickey take.

*This shows not normal*
Ed Hammond posted:
and there were more parts of it that seemed like one-offs (like the perfect Americanised Crusades mentioned earlier - the caption at the end, "Dedicated to all the Americans Who Died In The Early Middle Ages") rather than the continuing characters we had in the last series, only a couple of which now remain.

The first episode of Series 1 was very much like this too (with the Hollywood take on the British Third Reich) so I would have thought some characters will return later on in Series 2 from this initial episdoe. Hoping it'll be the Paedocatcher General, and The Thin Controller.

Having watch it again last night (god bless VHS) I have to say I loved the sketch with the Police Riot - animated in a very convincing 1930's Warner Bros style animation. Lovely.

Is it repeated? And one more question: Is voice-over guy still on it? Very Happy He was so funny Smile
Classically trained Actor hasn't reappeared - yet!

Repeated Monday at 11pm.

A former member Anglia (East) Look East
Personally I thought the first episode of series 2 was less good than the average of series 1 - I couldn't help thinking that it was a bit like they were using nuclear armaments to crack a walnut - the paedo thing I think was much better observed by Chris Morris in Brass Eye - surely the witch hunting of suspects is pretty old fare now? I also thought the mock reverence to BBC DG was a bit self-congratulatory as well. I know its only been one episode, but on the basis of the first in the new series, I though the humour in 1 was more subtley, and therefore, cleverly, delivered.

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