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It is very silly that CNwest in effect has three anchors, despite the fact that only a combination of two (usually including Bob) present any one 1800 programme.

Whilst on the other hand, CNeast has only one proper anchor (Marie). It's such a stupid scenario to be stuck with.

I doesn't take a genius to work out the best way to spread six anchors across three sub-regions, yet Carlton don't seem to be able to do their maths. CNsouth are the only ones who've got it right (Ann & Wes, of course).

Bob and Joanne worked fine for CNwest whilst Llew was 'covering' at CNeast, so why couldn't she stay there? She didn't need to come back to CNwest (even though I did miss her). After all, way way back she first started out at CNeast, so that makes it Llew's true home.
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Did anyone catch the two ITV Lunchtime News mistakes?!.

Firstly, John went over to an OB with a drunken cameraman. God knows what the guy was thinking, he was zooming in and out, moving from side to side - looked very dodgy and continued for the whole of the OB! Even when they went to a two way shot, there was John in the left box and a very zoomed (almost to his nose!) shot of the reporter on the right.!

And then at the end, they faded up half of the newsroom backdrop, including the 'ITV LUNCHTIME NEWS' title that appears as a banner at the 'top' of the studio.

Cheers, Asa
Yes, I saw these incidents, Asa. Shame the Lunchtime News is on for 45 minutes one week, and just 20 the next!

What I would change about CN East:

- get Llewela Bailey to present Central News at Six with Marie Ashby.

- stop the ridiculous 'East Midlands' branding of the show.
This is a nonsense, as the other two regions do not say 'West Midlands' or 'south Midlands'. It is also annoying because many of their viewers live outside the official 'East Midlands' region (in places in Staffordshire, Coventry, Warwickshire, and Peterborough), like me.

- use the proper titles, and the images of both presenters.

- maybe make the presenters stand up to read some stories, as sometimes with the whole programme restricted to the sofa it can feel like the same all the time.

Llewela lives in Birmingham.

Marie hasn't had a proper co-host since September. Llewela could surely have stayed with Marie.
I agree that one region shouldn't have three anchors (especially as there is always one of them not needed every night).

Llewela worked for the Nottingham region in the late 80s-early nineties, returning in 2000 for another year and a half with them. I know that Llew and Marie are great old friends (Llewela was once Marie's bridesmaid). They had a real good time on the sofa- that was obvious to the average viewer.

I never saw Central News West in 2000 and 2001, but I presume it was unmentioned that Llewela had left. Bob and Jo would be alright every night presenting together.
What do Llewela and Jo do on their days off? They each must have two or three days off from presenting a week. This is time in which Llewela could be working at Lenton Lane. She'd be with her old friend Marie, she'd be on television every day, and she'd be making more money!
If Llew left, Jo could 'get her feet under the table' at Birmingham to become a famous face amongst people in that area.
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i saw that too asa, cant imagine what the cameraman  was doing? - not as if he got pushed, as it carried on all the way through the report (side to side, up and down, then zooming into his nose!), and i always knew the [itv] Lunchtime News bit was added by computer, but not the purple windows??? - why not go back into the itn newroom like in the 90s.

the question of 3 presenters on central nerws west; i aways assumed that it was because bob only ever does the 6pm show,  as he does other things during the day.  so really there are only 2 presenters available for the whole day (and bob available for the 6).
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M D R on 1:43 pm on Jan. 9, 2002
Yes, I saw these incidents, Asa. Shame the Lunchtime News is on for 45 minutes one week, and just 20 the next!

Only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week!

Next week, its back to 40 minutes Monday to Friday, including a full 10 minute bulletin of news from your region at about 12.50.

And then at 1.10pm, a full half an hour of programming made at the heart of your region (Except Border, Carlton Central, HTV Wales, HTV West and Grampian)