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Josh posted:
Definitely some issues tonight, intro of Jonathan Ross Show cut in the sponsorship bumper.

No. It’s part of the sponsorship bumper. As shown in the second one into this current ad break.
There was a brief noisy glitch before the sound level dropped considerably for a minute or two. Then there was a skip backwards of about half a second at which point the sound was lost completely. A few seconds later the sound came back at full volume, right channel first, then left as well.
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The same sound issue on the repeat showing just now!
Fault on the master tape then?
Asa Admin
The sound seemed to have largely come out of one speaker for a while during one of the previous attempts too, at exactly the same point (right at the start of the klaxon).

Good on them for quickly apologising.
JAS84 posted:
Fault on the master tape then?

Master Tape? Cool LOL
Master digital file Razz
noggin Founding member
All UK broadcasters now take delivery of their HD shows as AVC Intra 100Mbs MXF-wrapped files in the DPP AS11 format. Of course they may then be transcoded to another format for TX server playout - though I'd have thought there was a lot of sense in keeping to the same codec and avoiding this, given AVCi100 is a sensible codec at a sensible bitrate.

Tape has long since departed from the mainstream production process for mainstream broadcasters. The BBC stopped accepting TX masters on HD Cam SR a good few years ago, and BBC Information and Archives will now only accept recordings of live shows as files too.

(Live shows have what's known as a PasB - Programmes as Broadcast - recordings in an AS11 DPP-like format - the only difference being PasBs should have time-of-day timecode, not start at 10 o'clock like delivered shows. In some other areas these are sometimes called RoTs - Recording of Transmission - but PasB is the preferred term. Confusingly the BBC also have PasCs - Programme as Completed - which is the name for the production paperwork detailing the contractual status of all contributors, archive, stills, music, writers, directors, producers etc. for rights reasons)
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Can someone translate explain the technical terms please thanks
Neil Jones Founding member
Can someone translate explain the technical terms please thanks

You mean Noggin's post?

Basically boils down to "programmes are sent to the broadcaster as a computer video file and not on a videotape". The PasB is basically "what the live episode of Autumnwatch (or whatever) was as it went out", and the PasC is basically all the administration around a programme.
A lot of the same games played tonight as the celebrity special from Saturday annoyingly, although at slightly different money ladder levels so tweaks to the criteria to win them

Rollover contestants is back and quite a bit of suspense to end the show tonight so I can see viewers back for more tomorrow

I've also decided I LOVE the dramatic 'DU DU DA DA DA DU DU DA DA DA DE DE DE DE DAA' sound effects when introducting the games and hope they become available online at some point!
I think it was really bad ending the show mid-game. It would be like Millionaire ending mid-question, rather than at a natural break in the game.

It also just appears really unfair on the contestant if they did actually have to break in the recording mid-contestant, and if they didn't and that was edited in after (as I suspect) and nobody has changed clothes tomorrow, then what's the point.

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