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Mice plague at the BBC

(July 2012)

VMPhil Granada North West Today
Edit: Thought this would be of some interest to people on here but evidently not. Feel free to comment over on DS though.

THE BBC is battling a plague of mice in its canteen.

Horrified staff at the eaterie — famously the butt of jokes by stars who use it — have repeatedly spotted the vermin.

Rodents SCURRY across the restaurant floor, leave DROPPINGS in kitchen preparation areas — and one was even found DEAD in the fan of a fridge.

The invasion has continued despite bosses hiring pest controllers who have been accused by the BBC of falling down on the job at its White City HQ in West London.

A warning letter fired off to Johnson Controls Inc blasts a “failure to deal with pest issues within the Media Village catering area in a timely manner”.

Officials held a summit with the firm over the infestation.

But they “did not leave the meeting with the comfort that JCI had either understood how mice are accessing the area or had a structured plan underpinning how they were going to tackle the issue”.

In desperation kitchen staff are being sent on “pest awareness courses”.

The war on canteen mice is revealed in papers handed to The Sun under Freedom of Information laws.

Traps have been set by the tills and in the sandwich preparation area.

The BBC said last night: “In urban areas it’s common to find mice in large business premises.”

Johnson Controls said: “We have implemented a robust action plan. This includes more traps, identifying and blocking entry points and training our staff to ensure the environment is kept as clean as possible.”
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Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
Hmmm...aren't we getting a bit off topic if we're talking about mice in a canteen. From a story in The Sun. Without any hint of opinion or comment from the topic starter? Think we can leave this story.

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