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Meridian Tonight theme tune

(November 2001)

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teleonline Founding member
I am in desperate need of the long version of the Meridian Tonight theme tune, does anyone have it or can get it? I think its about 40 secs long.

DAS Founding member
Do you reckon I should ask Geoff Clark (who I just happen to know...)
Bail Moderator
I can get it, but u'll have to wait till moday, pm me with ur e-mail etc..

8 days later

Asa Admin
Ooh, Meridian Maidstone just played out the really long clean version! Sorry, wasn't quick enough to the computer to get it though Sad

And why is Meridian Southampton's DOG more faded than Maidstones?!? Razz:

Cheers, Asa
noggin Founding member

Chances are the vision mixer in Maidstone likes a less transparent logo than the vision mixer in Southampton. If the logo is added on the vision mixer desk (which is quite likely) then the transparency can easily be altered by a control on the desk (or a preset memory setting)

If the logos are added after the vision mixer, then it could be the bits of kit in Southampton and Maidstone have different capabilities (and the one in Maidstone is not capable of the same effects)

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