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(July 2001)

noggin Founding member
I don't normally watch Meridian News, but I did recently, and it struck me that Carl Tyler, the weather man, never responds to the presenters by name, or at all to be honest. The hand is via a plasma screen.

I wondered if he is done in the style of an opt - i.e. he starts talking at a fixed point and both Southampton and Newbury take the same feed?

Or is it all on VT, with say 3' or 5' of slack at the top?

I'll have to look more closely at the actual geography of the forecast. I know it didn't cover Maidstone - so is not likely to be taken by all three regions.
terry k
Both lunch and early evening forecasts are recorded in Soton and sent up the line before the relevant bulletin and played in at Newbury. I am not sure if they use the same piece of VT in the Soton bulletins or do their own live forecast - I would guess they use the same tape as it is already there. The weather after the late bulletin is played in from Soton with Newbury re-joining at the end of the news bulletin before the weather. I don't know what Maidstone do.

ps occasionally Newbury give the game away with a freeze on the front of the VT rather running slack!
teleonline Founding member
I asked my mate - Hannah O'Sullivan (Newbury presenter) she said that the forecasts for Newbury are recorded and for Southampton, they used to go live, but she doesn't think they do anymore.
noggin Founding member
Thanks - that explains that!

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