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Meridian (Dover) Off Air

(February 2002)

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Asa Admin
Well it's 1.13 and Meridian from Dover is currently off air. Satellite seems to be fine.

I tuned in to see a blue screen with white writing and 'I T V' really spaced out at the top with some apologies for lack of programmes etc.. message. I just put the tape on as it disappeared so hopefully caught it.

I've got the tape running - currently just a black screen.

Was that message just a generic transmitter one then? I instantly thought of those old default breakdown captions...

EDIT: Literally about 5 frames so just caught it in time:

1.26 and still the same - all other channels fine.

Cheers, Asa
TVArchive Founding member
Yup that's a transmitter generated caption.

Seems they don't like upgrading those systems for the latest in 'Graphical technology'

Thanx for the caption!
The TV Room
Yes...that caption is generated at the main transmitter site...and indicates a loss of feed from the Meridian HQs.
Asa Admin
Well after a little 'back..gone..back..gone' it now seems to be back. Someone's working late Smile

Cheers, Asa
Bloooody hell!!!!

They had caption screens just like that in the mid-80s!!!!! I remember seeing one just like it years and years ago!!

Still, if it ain't broke..... Very Happy
Ben Founding member
It's the easiest and cheapest method.
Yeah but it's nice to see old technology sometimes, we always miss testcards etc being broadcast overnight you should be happy at this sighting, it looks classic 80's style. Still at least it wasn't something like this:
Image from

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