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Maxine Mawhinney

(November 2001)

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Mike G
Maxine Mawinney is great!

I think I should start a fan club!

Anyone want to join the 'Maxine Mawinney Appreciation Society'?
I agree that Maxine is very good and should have more permanent slot on TV.

Breakfast seem to have alot of good presenters as in sopie, Sian and now Maxine. It's ashame they cannot fit them all in regularly.
Mike G
Maxine has a natural screen presence. She was brilliant a few weeks back when BBC One joined News 24 for breaking news. I think it was on a Sunday teatime. She was so professional.

I think she should do what Matthew Amroliwala does, and do the BBC News on BBCs One and Two.

Right, now how many times have I mentioned Matthew Amroliwala? Oops, another one let slip!
Mr Me
I think Maxine did a good job (though to be honest I only caught about 5 minutes of her), though if anyone else should be on Breakfast its either got to be Joanna Gosling or Jane Hill (I think Jane Hill has read the news, but she would be great as a main anchor. I also liked Jon Sopel (remember him?) when he did it ages and ages ago. And on a completely different subject I think John Nicolson deserves a more permanent slot on News 24, he's great when he's on with Val Sanderson (seems to more often now that Bill Turnbull does Breakfast more) and after being the main Breakfast anchor for BBC 1 for 2 years or more, he'd probably be a bit peeved he hasnt got something more substantial to do.
Now I know this may seem a daft question, but if presenters like John Nicholson are not on screen, what do they do? I've not seen him reporting from any scene or anything! Do they work in the news room or what?

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