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Some speculation that Queen Bee is Lorde. Hope not as it would be another name not familiar to my parents and also Lorde main activism is being part of the BDS movement which should not be celebrated.

You do realise this programme isn't being made solely for your parents, right?

Who the hell will his parents recognise? It sounds to me like they're so out of touch they'd have to dig up the dead to find someone they've actually heard of.
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The Sun has a full page spread but is still predicting Duck is a sports star and doesn't mention Kellis for the Daisy. Perhaps hinting that they think their readers won't know either.

My parents are therefore now convinced ITV won't put the unknown to them Kellis or Skin or Jake Shears (who does get mentioned in the Sun) on the show. Grr- it's frustrating seeing them get hyped for reveals which will only see them moan.
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I like the guesses from the viewers, I just don't mind who gets revealed.

I mean, look at it this way. It's franchise's first series here in the UK. They had to test the waters somewhere, am I right?

It's like when Chameleon got revealed, I didn't know who Justin Hawkins was but I gained a new form of respect for the guy because wow, he can sing with emotion.
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Maybe you should turn the TV off before the reveals?

Maybe he'd be better off not watching it at all, with it making him so angry that they dare to pick celebrities his parents doesn't know. Outrageous. All TV should be made for BM11's parents, I think we should organise a mass letter writing campaign to ITV until they make it happen.
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