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I'm already thinking about how sad it will be near the business end of the series when they'll be only a few left, because they're all brilliant, wherever it's their singing, their prowess or their personality, the show has so far been the gift that keeps on giving. (imo)

In a way though, with all of the performances being entertaining, you do get the sense that yes, anything can happen with the votings from the audience and the face-off.

Especially for the fact that Chameleon was unmasked the other night.
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Am I the only one who’s...

Sick of all these spoiler tags?

A spoiler gives the game away. Idle gossip or speculation does not.

It’s better to be safe than sorry agreed... but a little common sense wouldn’t go amiss to not make this thread painful to read with all these spoiler tags.
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Some speculation that Queen Bee is Lorde. Hope not as it would be another name not familiar to my parents and also Lorde main activism is being part of the BDS movement which should not be celebrated.
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Gossip or speculation isn't a spoiler. Saying who was unmasked on an episode that's just finished definitely would be though.

Agreed, albeit I made the same mistake on my review of episode 3 because I couldn't be bothered to separate certain sentences from a spoiler aha

(Edit: "What is it, what is it, what is it, what's that behind the spoiler?") Laughing
We're in this together. Stay alert.