Yeah we can safely said it hasn’t been bettered since again I’ll count myself lucky I watched it with my own eyes on a 4:3 Hitachi TV, it was absolutely brilliant the entire package.

Same here. Back in 2002 or 2003 I had the opportunity to watch World at our neighbour's house as we were looking after it while she was out of the country visiting relatives. She had a 1m dish pointing at 13°E which was one of the few ways to see the channel back then. It also started my interest in multi-sat reception, but sadly by the time I got a spare dish set up the 1999-2003 era had passed.

The whole channel was great back then; succinct headline sequences, a broader mix of programs (Top Gear/Holiday, IIRC), those little motifs going into/out of ad breaks (interstitials?) and a warm and professional looking newsroom in N9, which felt like a real working environment. The asymettry of N9 also helped whereas N8 felt more like a theatre/set and always seemed to have less background staff (although still looked great on screen, especially after the additional red walls). The current NBH newsroom is similar to N9 from that era in some ways, although I miss all those pools of light from the downlighters.

There must have been some close coordination by Martin and the team designing the newsrooms as it was all put together brilliantly (ISTR a different company was contracted to do the sets?). Things started to drift apart in the 2003 refresh, but IIRC the later graphics weren't designed by MLN.

Hopefully the idents are uploaded to the YouTube tribute channel at some point.
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