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Today’s Lorraine titles are back to just Lorraine bouncing about. still longer edit of theme but no Mark, Dan or Ross.
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New promo for Lorraine has aired on ITV today with the tag line "Get ready for Spring with a new look Lorraine - coming soon on ITV" with what looks like new graphics (with the same logo).

Any caps?


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I'm hoping that titles will be different to those, as we've seen in September and with the previous titles they have a habit of using the trailers to create titles for the programme. I'm a big fan of the music and original titles used from September, and it seems that they are keeping the logo, a wise move.
We do know that there will be a new set.
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I like the quirky shapes flying across the screen.
The problem ITV has is that they put all their time and energy into creating a new set and graphics but the show remains as bland as ever.
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