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The tweaks to the set were a great improvement. The chairs are very similar to the previous ones but not quite the same. Great improvement with the studio lighting today and the set looking more furnished. Also thought the Christmas titles worked better:
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The studio certainly looks better with some clutter in it as many of us said back in September. Good to see the armchair and sofa back too as that sofa introduced in September lacked personality and was very generic. This is a change for the good in my opinion. I just hope they keep some of these changes when they take the Christmas trees down.
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Looks like the armchairs and furniture have been kept on the set for the new year with the sofa gone for good. They've kept the Titles including shots of Dan, Ross & Mark as well as Lorraine:
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That looks very similar to how the set used to look like before September with the styling and how it's lit, albeit a lot smaller. It's the right decision as I never warmed to the September update as it was very cold and empty, and that was even Lorraine's own words!
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Great tribute to TVAM during the Lorraine opener because of Anne and Nick being guests on the show with a recreation of the graphics. Will be sure to post as soon as it's up somewhere.

The episode is up on the hub now -https://www.itv.com/hub/lorraine/1a9360a2060

It asked me to sign in to watch.
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