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Why is Jackie Brambles being left out?

Possibly her own choice and doesn’t want to take part/has moved on/prefers family life - delete as applicable.

I can’t imagine a reason why the producers wouldn’t want Jackie to be involved. So, I guess it’s of her own choosing. Mind you, we’ve still got two days left this week. Maybe Jackie will appear on Friday.

I have to say, I was very disappointed with yesterday’s Jane McDonald appearance. Not because of Jane herself, but the other four just wouldn’t shut up and were talking over Jane and over each other for practically the whole segment.

Jane has some incredible comic timing, as we all know. Every time she attempted to show it yesterday, someone cut her off.

Shame. For me, she’s the best Loose Woman ever. But she was hardly allowed to speak yesterday.
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I agree about Jane's interview yesterday. The 'interview' doesn't seem to have had any planning whatsoever. It was all over the place.

They really should have had some of the hosts leave the table like they sometimes do on The View. Nadia kept chipping in and I don't think she's ever worked with her. An odd decision to have Nadia on every day this week by the way.
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