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Loose Women | 21 Years Old - Sept 2020

Shaun Linden Central Reporting Scotland
Loose Women appears to be live today.
Meridian AM Recently warned Meridian (South) South Today
Yes it was.
JamesWorldNews Central World News
A Royle Family reunion coming up today. Be interesting to see how they handle three remote contributors all at once (one Loose Woman, and Sue and Ricky in their respective locations).
@JamesWorldNews | #StayHomeSaveLives
cal0906 Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Nadia anchoring for the first time in a while today
JamesWorldNews Central World News
Odd, given that both Kaye and Jane are there, albeit Kaye is remote.

In most recent configs when Nadia and Jane are available, it’s been Jane who’s led.
@JamesWorldNews | #StayHomeSaveLives
I wonder if they've piloted having the anchor being remote and it doesn't quite work.
HJL Spotlight
would that need piloting? It would require a lot of talk back if nothing else! Way to complicated... and of course there is always the risk that a connection could drop!
MrUdagawa Tyne Tees London
And why don't they pay for Kay to have a proper connection? It looked very web-cam-esque.
dosxuk Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
a) getting any new line is difficult at the moment with social distancing requirements
b) she may already have the fastest connection available in her location
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
The show was live again today so I assume it is now back live daily. I'd have thought with Ruth and perhaps Christine out of the equation for the summer they might opt to keep some shows pre-recorded until the autumn, so I think credit to ITV for pushing on.

Wonder if now they're back in their own studio whether some productions are beginning to take place in Studio 1.
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JamesWorldNews Central World News
Kaye mentioned on Insta that there is actually nothing preventing her (in the legal sense) from travelling to London to anchor the show. However, it’s the public perception of this non-essential travel that’s stopping her from doing it, although the role of tv journalist/presenter is classified as an essential role.

Eamonn announced yesterday that he and Ruth are now going to be away for a couple of weeks before taking over This Morning for the whole summer (mid July to mid September, I think).

That being the case, LW are now immediately short of anchors, unless Andrea and Christine cover it all between them, or they prerecord as you’ve suggested, or Coleen or Kaye travel to London.

Mind you, Jane and Nadia are also more than capable. I guess they’ll somehow manage.

Ranvir, Trish Goddard and the likes of Davina/Emma Willis would also make useful guest presenters a couple of days a week.
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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Trisha is in the US, whilst I've a feeling Davina may turn up on Fridays on This Morning. Ranvir obviously will be though considering her random stint a couple of weeks back.
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