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Jane McDonald has left Channel 5 and is reportedly joining another broadcaster.

I wonder if this could signal a return to ITV and Loose Women?

Coronavirus permitting, Coleen Nolan will be away for a few weeks filming a Nolan’s Sisters documentary around Italy.
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UTV Newsline
According to the SRO Audience website, it looks likely that Loose Women will not have an audience until further notice.

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, ITV has asked all producers to consider whether shows which normally have a live audience can be made without one.

Although we love to have an audience on 'Loose Women', the producers of 'Loose Women' are following this guidance and adapting the show during this period and there will not be an audience on set.

We are therefore contacting all ticket holders to inform them. Please reply now to confirm that you have received this email.

We do not want anyone to have a wasted journey, so please let the rest of your party know about this.

We do not know when audiences will return to the show, but the dates on which the show will take place are still on the website and you may add yourself to the waiting list so that, if audiences are admitted back to the show on that date, we can contact you to let you know.

We hope that ticket holders for this show accept our apologies for any inconvenience and hopefully we will see you at the show soon.
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