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Hopefully they're phasing Andrea out.

You’re not a fan, I presume.

Andrea is the longest serving - in uninterrupted terms - anchor now. (Kaye was away for a few years, but is the overall longest serving).

Having watched a few recent episodes, I was actually thinking to myself that there’s a few members of the team who I don’t think will be there for much longer. Just a hunch.

They’ll always deny it, but if you look very closely, there is clearly friction between certain members of the panel.
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Granada North West Today

Could they only afford to have one side of the bus branded?

They only needed the one side done for the red carpet photos.

Vanessa Feltz spent a lot of time with the Loose Women team at the awards. I wonder if she's due to join?

They’ve already got 4 anchors though. I’m not sure there’s room for a 5th. The last few weeks (except the week just ended) have looked like this:

Monday: Andrea
Tuesday: Ruth
Wednesday: Ruth
Thursday: Christine
Friday: Kaye

I wonder if Andrea is now down to just one day per week? (Although she did three days in the past week).

Vanessa would be a good addition but I can’t imagine her being just a “panelist”.

Mind you, you’re always quite accurate when it comes to some of the Loose Women matters. Hmmmm.

It’s random.
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There have been a few online spats recently between Piers Morgan and some of the Loose Women, most notably Denise. It will be interesting to see how it all goes later today when Piers and Susanna Reid appear (yet again) as guests on Loose Women.

Hope Janet is back today, to put and keep him in his place! lol.
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