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I thought to start a new thread for this milestone; say what you may about Loose Women, but chalking up 20 years is something to be celebrated, in this day and age.

And, whilst others have subsequently followed (The View, et al), LW is a pioneer in it's field, for a format that is relatively simple and a format that we've all literally seen in our own living rooms: 4 female relatives/family members gassing (Scottish word) about anything and everything, only, in this case, it's in a tv studio and is broadcast nationwide.

Today marks the start of special programming to commemorate the show's anniversary, with a special look-back at some of the more memorable moments.

Looking at the original set and appearance, the show has come a long way since and is somewhat appointment-to-view tv. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it has made it's mark.

I'll avoid mention of all of the panelists past and present (remember Pattie Coldwell? Carole Malone? Kerry Katona? Nina Wadia............?)

But one that I will mention and who I consider to be my favourite and the best Loose Woman ever: Jane McDonald.

Happy Anniversary, Loose!

So, let's see what the next two weeks of memories and celebrations looks like. I believe the original panel (Kaye, Nadia and Jane) will host on the actual 20th anniversary day itself.
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The titles were very impressive, it was great to see the original in such a high quality! Although it would’ve been nice if they cut clips from the different titles instead of just the logos. I also love the ‘20’ behind the logo!
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This special in itself felt more of a celebration of all the Loose Women then the 18th Birthday did.

Obviously Denise Welch and Carol McGiffin weren’t panellists when it was 18 but today celebrated current panellists but then also the likes of Jane McDonald, Sherrie Hewson, Lynda Bellingham etc who are all more memorable panellists than most nowadays.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do next week. Denise has been on with Coleen and Janet a few times after their ‘feud’ since she returned but Carol hasn’t. So it’ll be interesting to see if they let bygones be bygones and are all on for the special.