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Really liking Christine as the anchor of the show. Hope we see more of her in 2017 on the panel.

Oddly, she has anchored twice this week (so far) yet Coleen was available and appeared on the same panel. Whilst two weeks ago, Coleen was anchor and Christine was in Posn 2.

Anyway.......... *feels the shadow of the rota-police approaching.....*

Best decision to keep Coleen in seat 2 and not in the anchor seat IMHO. Coleen is great as a panellist but she's no anchor.
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Kai Westbrook swore on yesterday's show but it was deleted by producers:


I take it this means the show is finally on a delay after a long history of swearing slip ups?

Likelihood is that it was a prerecorded interview given how nervous he was and how it was a touchy subject.
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If so I'm surprised they didn't indicate this beforehand, as seems to be the norm these days (quite unnecessarily in my opinion #BringBackTalkingTelephoneNumbers). Also a bit odd to apologise for something in a pre-record that will obviously be cut out.