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I would imagine that Vicky could not commit due to other offers of work. She is at her most popular at the moment and the show is trying to be "fun" so why would they drop her? The Sun love to make up a good 'ol scandal.
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jamesrl598 posts since 3 May 2010
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On another note, I'm surprised the new Editor has stuck with the same set as this is the third series with that set design. With the show being lightened since the new Editor took over I was expecting some changes even if they were only moderate. Maybe they couldn't afford it if they're going to be paying Hollywood stars to be guest pannelists?! 😉
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Coleen on a Friday! JSP sits in a different seat! Andrea McLean hounded by a clockwork spider, meaning she couldn't anchor the show and Kaye Adams had to take-over presenting........

......yes. The new season of Loose Women has all the hallmarks of being the best ever!
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Quite exciting times for loose women, Andrea is sadly taking up to a month leave, so that means we will get either Kaye or Coleen replacing her, or even Gloria!!

Linda is also going to be filming BOAF in next few weeks.

There was also a mention at the end of today's show saying there's a surprise about Stacey Solomon.
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Is it me or is this thread turning in to rota discussion?

Every thread Nathan comments in does so. I can guarantee one thing - Loose Women producers couldn't give two **** about what a bunch of TV presentation enthusiasts, to put it politely, think about their show. We are so not the target audience - thank ****.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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According to Nadia Sawalha's Twitter Nadiya Hussain is Back, and Ayda was revealed to be back a few week ago also.

The show needs to be serious and have a little fun

I think this should be the panel, and by any means I'm not trying to make fantasy rotas.

Anchors -
Kaye Adams (2 Days per week)
Ruth Langsford (1 Day per week)
Andrea McLean (2 Days per week)
Nadia Sawalha (Occasional Fill-In)
Coleen Nolan (Occasional Fill-In)
Panelists -
Nadia Sawalha (2 Days per week)
Jane Moore (2 Days per week)
Coleen Nolan (2 - 3 Days per week)
Arlene Phillips (1 Day per week)
JSP (2 Days per week)
Linda Robson (1 Day per week)
Gloria Hunniford (1 Day per week)
Penny Lancaster (1 Day per month)
June Sarpong (1 Day per week)
Saira Khan (1 Day per fortnight)
Ayda Field (1 Day per fortnight)
Katie Price (1 Day per week)
Your Thoughts Host -
Linda Robson (alternating)
Lisa Riley (alternating)

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