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From TVC - April 2018 onwards (April 2018)

London Lite Founding member London London
Get rid of the front audience for starters. Easily the worst set of the revamped ITV Daytime shows.
buster London London
The front audience is clearly there so they can have cameras behind them and have the illusion of the shot being taken from the middle of the crowd, it's a common clever trick.

The back audience bit reminds me of Kilroy...
Ipswich Simon Anglia (East) Look East
I thought they would have used the big screen from Lorraine with the Loose Woman logo on; replaced Lorraine's sofa with the desk and replaced Lorraine's knick knacks, and just brought out the seating.
"He has to be larger than bacon" - what a joke he is.
dosxuk Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
UBox posted:
Change for the sake of it here, they should have just brought over the set from TLS.

I think moving to completely different studios, with new workflows, equipment and space (to build and to store) is pretty much the definition of change because it's needed.

Using the existing set would have meant they couldn't rehearse in the new space, and with the lack of on site storage at TVC, there's no guarantee there would be anywhere to keep it when not in use. The new sets will have been designed from scratch with the constraints the new studio has.

So, they didn't recreate the old set, but that was a creative decision, they'd still have had to make changes even if they did clome the design.
DeMarkay London London
Why does Lorraine get a flash new set and Loose Women get a crap one?
Seems a bit unfair.
The new Loose Women graphics would look lovely on those huge double doors.
Especially if the girls were coming out of them.
Why does Lorraine get a flash new set and Loose Women get a crap one?

Yeah, it doesn't work like that. Are you picturing a meeting where a decision like 'okay, we have a crap set and a flash set – which way round shall we give them out?' Design is subjective, designing a 'crap' set would almost never be the intention, believe it or not.
DeMarkay London London
Yes, but without a screen behind them, all they have is the one on the desk.
dosxuk Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Yes, but without a screen behind them, all they have is the one on the desk.

I hope someone tells the production team /set designers! I mean, either they've completely forgotten and not realised to put a screen in for several weeks, or it was a conscious decision not to include it, and you seem to be discounting the latter.
UBox Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I've just had a chance to watch some of the episode and I actually think it looks much worse on camera than it did in the still images we saw. Those glass panels were always going to be bad to shoot but some of them directly reflect the lights and others have a weird swirl pattern in them. It just looks really dated to me.
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Geez, I hate to say it. But this is pretty bad. Clearly the emulated the VIEW by adding the risers and the audience below. Clearly the main issue is the colours and the funky logo doesnt help at all. I dont expect this will last very long. Thankfully it seem the set has colour changing tech so it should be an easy swap to change it. Unfortunately the size is the size, cant do anything about that. But the colours really let this down. When...not if....when they change the colours I hope dont they dont go down the typical purple and pink scheme that too many chat shows use. This show deserves more. One good thing is the desk isnt too bad.

Here is the View audience for reference.
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VMPhil Granada North West Today
A huge step backwards in comparison to the last set, frankly. I don't think anything would have been as impressive as the last set, but this seems especially poor.
Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
Wouldn't surprise me if they changed the audience seating pretty soon. When the previous set launched they had more rows in front but they ditched it presumably because it was too cramped and the audience at the front looked uncomfortable.

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