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Meridian (South) South Today
Welch McGiffin reunion on Monday. With Ruth and Jane making up the quartet. Back to the Future.

Today, Nadia is joined also by Carol, plus Jane and Chizzy.

Chizzy's out with a bug - so Kaye's taking her place. Nadia's in charge today.

On a secondary note: I was impressed with the presentation of yesterday's World Exclusive "Autism Hour" special episode of the show. The lighting was dimmed for the audience, the music was turned down slightly - and there was a blue colour scheme throughout. I liked it - and was impressed by this overall, and that's coming from an Autistic individual being myself.

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Rare but it is Carol. McGiff has always come across popular with the production team and audience. I’m sure they’re very pleased to have got her back. Anyone had any personal experience working with Ms. McGiffin?

Nadia Sawalha can regularly appear up to four times a week. They’re appearing the most at the moment.

Andrea has either fallen out of favour or decided to reduce her own hours. I think she was on holiday last week as she didn’t appear at all.

Sorry to make this post, at risk of making it a rota forum.