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With the Queen Mother coverage, what was Peter Sissons doing in on a Saturday, was he the duty newscaster that day or drafted in as a big name?

He mentions in his autobiography he'd done lunchtime and teatime bulletin that day. I think at this time, it was mainly the Friday newsreaders such as George Alagiah and Fiona Bruce at the time, who presented at the weekend, and Sissons still did most late weekend bulletins. Pretty sure I've read somewhere that Michael Buerk had stopped doing weekends c. 2000, so he'd often do more in midweek, leaving Sissons to do weekend lates. Fiona Bruce presented the Sunday bulletin, which would back up my theory, but of course with it being a Bank Holiday weekend anyway, it could all have been different.

CBeebies (during the days it was on BBC Two) did do something during the day of the Queen Mother's funeral, in which Sue Monroe tells kids to join in the 2 minute silence to pay respect and it cuts 2 minutes of footage with the Queen Mother.

The tribute starts from 15:51 onwards.

I think it's nice how they used the 'Sombre Bounce' ident to follow on from it. I guess anything else (except maybe 'Invisible Walls') would have seemed inappropriate.

Would have to have been Sombre Bounce. Invisible Walls didn't debut until later in 2002.

Good point.