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Judge Judy is on because it dirt cheap to get in - most of the programmes are years old - it's simply gawp TV like Jerry Springer. It has no benefit but can fill the schedule.
i really find it extraordinary that the regulator allowed somewhat dubious firm broadcasting rights. We've said numerously on this site that 'Local' TV in the US is not a model that works in the UK. If we could see why not the Regulator? Also are they still getting the BBC's money left over from the Digital switch-over years ago in exchange for stories sent to the local BBC service?

Well I guess you could say the same thing about Judge Rinder and the old Jeremy Kyle show. Using your expression, those are UK examples of "gawp" tv that have no benefit either. No reason to throw stones. Rolling Eyes Yet again.... UK Local tv does not follow the model of Local North American TV. The only similarities for the vast majority of these UK stations is the broadcast area is smaller. Thats about it.

Not all tv has to have benefit to be ENTERTAINING.
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Isn't Judge Judy aired as part of CBS Reality's block rather than being on the local channel's schedule? In which case it's not aired because it's cheap, it's aired because Local TV Ltd is paid for the airtime. Which I would guess is the only income the company has these days.
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I'm not one for revealing spoilers, but has That's TV News got to Coronavirus yet?

Oh god yes, the screen is covered with Stay at Home and Protect the NHS DOGs and scrolls, it's almost up to Mitchell and Webb's 'The Event', level


(before anybody freaks out, this is one of the testcards from the aforementioned Mitchell & Webb sketch, which is now looking more and more like a documentary with every passing day - Remain Indoors)