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Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
That's TV Humber seem to have committed a couple of misdemeanours yesterday. Reporting on the death of Melissa Ede, they seem to have just read out the Hull Daily Mail's article from their Hull Live website. Which is plagiarism! And then talking about Hull's Marks and Spencer closing down, they said Home Bargains was going to move into the vacant premises. That's fake news which has been debunked. According to Hull Live, someone else will be moving in, but they haven't revealed who yet, but a spokesman did confirm it's not Home Bargains.
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Meridian (North) South Today
I flicked on That's TV the other night, and actually stumbled across a good and meaningful report about street lights on Hampshire housing estates being switched off over night. It's caused a kurfuffle in my area, and I've seen nothing about it on BBC South Today, (dunno about Meridian ?)

Anyway, credit where credit is due and all that.....
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Meridian (North) South Today
Street lights have been going off since 1st of April so possibly it was reported by the other outlets at the time. Although I didn't see much about it prior to happening.

First I knew was getting up in the middle of the night to have a pee. Our bathroom is nicely illuminated by the street lights outside, but I went in there, and couldn't see a thing, in that half awake state, I thought I'd gone blind !

I don't recall any announcement about it. There's anecdotal evidence that crime in some areas has increased. It's certainly annoyed folk who walk back home from clubbing etc at the weekends.
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Meridian (North) South Today
If you've wondered what the turn around time is for a That's TV report to be broadcast, I can tell you. Seven hours.

Mrs MarkyMarks' yoga instructor was interviewed this morning about a charity event, that was 11am, the interview was broadcast at 18:15, (and 18:30, and 18:45, and........)

I must admit, I'd assumed it was days rather than hours !
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