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With the other thread talking more about the licensing side of things, I thought it would be interesting to create a thread about the presentation that is revealed by the new licence holders before and as they are launched.

Latest 8 TV in Brighton, have put together this showreel, featuring some idents which I think are quite nice and quite fun, in addition to some examples of advertisements and programming.

It also seems as if Latest, will devote much of it's daytime output to what are essentially property classifieds.

They have already produced some considerable programming for the internet. There is also programming aimed at Brighton's sizeable LGBT community.

They're planning to launch in 2014, some of the other local services are planning to go on air towards the end of 2013.
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I do wish them well, but it does seem to be full of the worthy stuff that 'opinion formers' and advertisers think viewers want to watch but really don't.

It's what ITV would look like if you left a coalition of politicians, advertisers and people who go to community council meetings in charge.

That's not to say there's not programming with merit in there, and getting the property market on telly is a good idea, but if advertisers don't get any bang for their buck they'll move on.
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Presentation is key to these channels - they've got to make sure they look respectable and don't just look like they're cheap channels with no budget. First impressions really will count so even though as debated elsewhere I do fear how viable they might be, from a presentation point of view it should be really interesting.
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Interesting report here...
I found this bit particularly interesting.
“This autumn we are piloting an interactive smartphone-based news journalism app called StoryMaker (www.storymaker.cc) for citizen reporting and local news-gathering, to encourage the people of Sheffield to make and upload their own news. That kind of community interaction is certainly something that we'd like to focus on.”

This is exactly the kind of thing these operations should be doing, in my opinion could be very interesting if these organisations can give members of the public some journalism basics and they have decent camera phones.
I'm sure when the Newsround Press Packers made their reports they were actually helped by some responsible adults not to mention they had use of the BBC's professional equipment, not smartphones.

Beadle's Hot Shots was quite good but that was years before YouTube and I am not so sure it would work now.