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It's an alright show, there is a CGI reboot coming nex year - http://www.foothillentertainment.com/little-monsters-2/?wemail=b394v_

Yes, there is. Also being rebooted in 2017 in Barney and Friends and Angelina Ballerina.

That pink thing again? There is only one TRUE Barney...


Do you mean Angelina or Barney for the pink thing?
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This just proves once and for all how young you very are Wink

I'm really confused as to why he's still a member, he literally comtributed nothing apart from giving us all a good laugh. I mean c'mon, he has to be atleast under the age of ten..!

Show us anywhere on this page that says you have to be of a minimum age to join TV Forum. This isn't Facebook.