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It was definitely one of those shows that people watched not really for the format but for the personality, as highlighted by its lower ratings after he died.

I don't know if Zero 30 was axed or if it was because the BBC digital channels were being reformatted at that time around the millennium. BBC News 24 moved away from showing appointment-to-view programmes (with a few exceptions like Click Online and Dateline London) to becoming a pure rolling news channel, Stuart Murphy took over BBC Choice to position it as a youth station instead of the original catch-up/showcase format, and BBC Knowledge became a serious documentary channel instead of the interactive education and learning based format it started with.

Viewed in this context it makes sense that Zero 30 was retooled and relaunched as a BBC Choice programme.
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It's something I've never considered before but is that the set they use for all the politics shows at Millbank?

Quite possibly. They did recycle the old 60 Seconds set and gave it to Points West in Bristol in 2004. They could have recycled this set to Millbank as it does look vaguely similar.
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I don't *think* so - it definitely looks similar and is the same basic design but the panels are different sizes on the Liquid News set versus the Millbank set (and the screens the wrong aspect ratio). I'd also say it's too big a set for the space they have at Millbank - then again, they had the same set design for a very long time (albeit not the exact same set, as this cap from TWELVE YEARS AGO shows:

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