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Late night ITV changes

Jackpot 247 axed, replaced by repeats (June 2019)

Those graphics remind me of the shortlived 'Shop at Bid' ones.
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james-2001 Central (East) East Midlands Today
As long as they aren't selling the same crap that Shop At Bid were.
Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
IIRC somebody who used to work at Ideal World came over to Sit Up presumably as a last role of the dice to save the company and launched the Shop at Bid graphics package which was virtually identical to what Ideal World were doing at the time, except in slightly different packaging.

Of course we all know how the story ended but wasn't a great surprise if you're flogging stuff for £9 or whatever it was that you can get from the pound shop that the writing was on the wall.
Jon Central (West) Midlands Today
When your very existence isn’t threatened with violence and hatred, snowflake.

Edit: was that sarcasm? I genuinely couldn’t tell, sorry

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London Lite Founding member London London
Looks like Ideal World on ITV in HD may be happening soon as the main channel is set to test on DSAT shortly.

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