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if channel 4 and channel 5 can show late night movies theres no reason why itv can't i would like itv to show itv 2 show repeats like celebrity juice the sort of shows that you want to watch when you come back home from the pub

ITV did used to repeat ITV2 shows in post-News at Ten slots, but that stopped a few years ago.
kernow1,517 posts since 18 Jan 2006
I notice that STV are still opting out of the ex-Jackpot 24/7 slot with ITV Nightscreen.

Why? Surely it would make more sense for them to show the normal ITV schedule than 3-5 hours of Nightscreen each night!
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More general TELESHOPPING starts next thursday night unfortunately 1245 - 3am

From Paul Becque on Facebook It's Ideal World from midnight on August 1st !

How pitiful is that. Sad

Ad breaks on ITV are meant to last about 5 minutes but now they will last up to 135 minutes. With this Ideal World channel already existing on Freeview (and elsewhere I presume) although not airing this late at night it does seem quite absurd that the actual channel becomes unavailable on its broadcast platform on Freeview but then able to be seen on ITV.

This is the channel that hoovered up quite a few ex-presenters (Peter Simon, Mike Mason as well as Paul Becque) from the discredited Price Drop/Bid TV that rightly bit the dust 5 years ago after much criticism. Just bring back another old fave from those channels, Greg Scott with Quizmania. Yes it sailed very close to the wind with a lot of questionable chicanery at the time (2005-07) but it was oddly entertaining in a cultist TV kind of way and attracted people who would never have given ITV a second look late at night back then.

That's not going to happen of course, but there is a surefire guaranteed cult late night audience just waiting to be regularly delivered if ITV were willing and able to obtain the rights to what they were showing late at night 30 years ago - all 692 editions of Prisoner: Cell Block H. As a late night person it would deliver me as a viewer again even though I watched it originally. Plus a new generation of younger viewers I would be willing to bet. This show has a continuing incredible draw and has just celebrated its 40th anniversary with a get together of cast, available to see on YT. I have no doubt that it would deliver a sustained solid late night viewing figure - certainly better than a shopping channel squatting in the schedule anyway.

Failing that then even a crusty and often repeated old film late at night must surely be better than shoving Ideal World onto terrestrial ITV, even if it is in the small hours when there is a miniscule audience. The only positive is at least it's not attempting to hook susceptible people into a cycle of gambling that some can ill afford.

Nothing about my post is remotely original I know!
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Is Ideal World HD equipped or will ITV viewers see the output in SD?

They’ve been been boasting about new floors that’s been recently been installed for HD broadcast and their live output currently finishes at midnight with repeats from midnight to 8am.
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