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Series 1 episodes? (August 2004)

Put The Telly On (previously nok32uk) Meridian (South East) South East Today
I suppose this should go in Requests really - But as I mentioned in an earlier thread... After seeing the Comedy Connections show last Monday, I am wondering why BBC1 never show any series 1 episodes of KUA? The episodes with Emmerdale's Shirley Stelfox as Rose. I think the same goes for One Foot In The Grave - was 1990 a bad year for comedy? Confused
If anyone can tell me where I can 'see' these episodes. Please PM me
nwtv2003 Granada North West Today
From what I've seen BBC One just seem to chuck on random episodes on Sundays, like they did tonight, they either pick popular ones or they pick the special feature length ones.

Series 1 has been shown on UKTV Gold at some point and it is likely they will show it again.

Though Playback has released Series 1 (and 2 on the same) DVD which has been out for some time now, look on as it might be cheaper than usual.
cwathen Founding member West Country (West) Spotlight
They've since realeased series 3&4 on DVD aswell (the first DVD of which also has the 1991 christmas special.

Basic, no frills, no extras DVDs, but they're reasonably priced and the technical quality of the material is excellent.
Philip Cobbold Central (West) Midlands Today
The BBC themselves have just released the first series of One Foot In The Grave, with one special feature - a badly edited version of Britain's Best Sitcom, condensed from an hour into 13 minutes. But the episodes are good.

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