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Journalism Dangers

(June 2001)

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Pete Founding member
First a message to Asa, have the delightful NBCi given a reason for the deletion of your site yet?

Now the main thing.

I was reading the insights website [url][url] and noticed that Michael Burke's sound man was killed in Addis Adabba.

I just wondered how many jounalists must get killed or injured every year. Some of the war reports look extreamly dangerous
(remember the Newsnight one with the bullets flying overhead)
I suppose if you're really into the job as a major correspondent you have to put your life on teh line but what about the crew? Do they have any special training. Do they wear bullet proof vests (i remember Kate Aide's) and what happens if one gets killed, do workers have to sign forms excusing the news agency from blame?

Just Wondering

Asa Admin
NBCi don't need to give a reason a technically, I was in the wrong for using it as storage. Their terms and conditions state that no reason has to be given. But don't worry, a much more reliable storage facility is available and downloads and updates to TV Home should begin later this month.

Cheers, Asa
Davidjb Founding member
i remember once on news 24 there was a reporter somewhere in a war and a gun was firing in the background. you could see he was desperate to get away from the interview to go.
rob Founding member
I remember reading in the paper last year that a French news agency had only had 200 of its reporters injured, 50 kidnapped and arrested and only 3 killed. The article then went on to explain that this had been a 'good year', god id hate to work there in a bad year.
Also did anyone read in the guardian a few weeks ago about the Beebs new armoured truck getting blown up?

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