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Ofcom officially react ....

Perhaps notable is that under the 'Guidance to support the rules' section it specifically mentions...
"It would also consider aspects such as the use of lie detectors."
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If anyone has been an audience member of one of those shows they would know how Kyle and the prod team used to wind up the opposing sides., Kyle used to swear at them and of course it was all edited out. A really vile show and we are well rid of it.
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They randomly had Trisha Goddard on Loose Women to talk about nothing in particular today. I wouldn't be surprised if they were gauging public opinion on bringing her back to 9:25.

DOI, it would seem.

And as if by magic..........she’s a host on Loose Women today!
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Have any new episodes of Judge Rinder been made or shown since Jeremy Kyle was axed? From what I've seen it's only been repeats since it moved to 9.25am, and as it reportedly shared much of the same production team wondering if it may have been quietly shelved aswell.
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