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I think if it's a choice between Kyle and Vine I'd choose Kyle everytime - and that really is saying something.

I think if it's a choice between watching The Jeremy Kyle Show and shoving my own head into a wasps' nest, I'd choose the latter every time...

What is it with celebrities called Jeremy?

They're game for a laugh?
I'm still a European.
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Judge Rinder is apparently getting similar numbers to Tenable and Dickinson in the Kyle slot. It seems ITV have a core audience of around 300k for that slot who will watch regardless of what the program is.

This Morning in particular is being dragged down quite a lot without Kyle before it, to around 600k. I haven’t seen any numbers for Loose Women, but I don’t imagine they’re all that great. I’m guessing Lorraine has become ITV Daytime’s most watched show based on the above, followed by GMB.

It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, materialises by the new season of ITV Daytime in September. Who knows what ITV have planned, but the current situation is a bit of a disaster.
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Although why you would suddenly not watch This Morning just because Kyle isn't on before it is a bit of a mystery.

Surely arent This Morning’s ratings monitored in a same way to that of Good Morning Britain’s, meaning that you will have people who won’t watch the whole programme and dip in and out. Maybe it’s ratings pick up later on during the show.
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Although why you would suddenly not watch This Morning just because Kyle isn't on before it is a bit of a mystery.

There were probably people who watched Jeremy Kyle, and then continued to watch This Morning afterwards.

These viewers could now be watching Jeremy Vine, for example, and may not switch over when This Morning starts.
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I suspect ITV had a ready made audience from Lorraine up to Loose Women. It's like a scheduling railway which is now broken between 0925-1030 and have gone elsewhere with some not coming back. They may have not market led BBC1, but they were the right audience for advertisers.
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Maybe extending GMB to 9.25 and shifting Lorraine to the JK slot is the only way they would get anywhere close to the JK numbers?

It’s really the only thing they can do to pull in the ratings with what is usually on and expected at that time.

Either that or a GMB Today style programme to link between Lorraine and This Morning.
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It's probably just because anything isn't Jeremy Kyle.

When you show the same programme every day for 15 years, it will take a while for audiences to move around and adjust.

Kyle viewers will have switched off as they tuned in to watch Kyle.

Non Kyle viewers have had 15 years to not consider 9:25 on ITV, so will need time to start doing.
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