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There are suggestions the suspension is due to a murder in Gloucester over the weekend.

That might be just putting two and two together -combining the facts reported about the murder in Gloucester with how it could be trigged by actions the show is known for.
The Murder linked to the Jenny Jones show did not finish that show off.
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Considering the often nasty nature of the show, if anything it's suprising it's taken nearly 15 years for something like this to happen.

It really it the worse programme on British TV, it exploits clearly vulnerable people under the pretence it’s helping them.

Things like the DNA tests annoy me, obviously the participants can agree to take part, but what choice do the kids have in having their parentage discussed on TV?
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I've thought that if ITV wanted a more current affairs studio audience based daily show (The Time The Place ver 2.0 if you like) then Jeremy would be a very good host for it.

However, with him presenting this current nuts and sluts format show, if they wanted to short test run it, would never get off the ground.

As it is, if this incident does lead to the swift end the show, in the short term he's probably got holiday cover for Piers on GMB over the summer to look forward to.
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You never know they might bring Trisha back. At least that show never brought about as much controversy as JK did.

In all honesty if this incident did see about the end of the show then it really wouldn't be a bad thing. Even now I think it sticks out like a sore thumb compared to ITV's other output and other broadcasters Daytime output and is terribly outdated for this day and age.

You can't hype people up to be as overly dramatic, confrontational and controversial as possible for the telly when it's real life incidents you're dealing with, something which I think The Jeremy Kyle Show has forgotten in recent years.
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Melissa Ede, who'd been on Kyle multiple times and also appeared on Judge Rinder, died a couple of days ago.


That is probably completely unrelated. If you follow the links on that story it says she won the lottery 18 months ago and was recently admitted to hospital with chest pains, having awoken at 5am with them.

I think we need to be careful if we're going to try and dig through the various online news archives for clues as who's died in order to pull the Jeremy Kyle show off the air.
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Obviously thoughts go to those who've been impacted by this death and hopefully they'll have some answers soon to what happened. ITV face a tough one because I think Kyle isn't really that popular in other formats. I'll shamefully admit that on the occasions I watch the JK Show the best part is a feeling of 'thank god my life isn't like that' which is probably why it performs well. As for what's next if JK is axed? A move to C5 doesn't seem too implausible although an extension of GMB or GMB then Lorraine then GMB Today with Kyle at the helm might be an option.