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The CBBC show, not the American game show (September 2004)

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Vaguely embarassingly, I've become quite a fan of the CBBC series "Jeopardy"- they let viewers vote for alternative endings for the last episode.

I was wondering if any of the BBC people who post here could convince the relevant person to put the alternative endings online on the CBBC site or something? I can't imagine the changes will be that dramatic, but it'd be nice to see them.
Jenny Founding member
Way to destroy an ending, by the way. For crying out loud, you'd think that in this instance at least, they'd let the credits run before cutting back to the idiots in S9. But no. And even the normally godlike Kirsty Wark failed to stop them.
i dont think they should have let viewers vote the ending, it ruins it really. they should have just shown one final ending (if that makes sense)

it doesnt look like its coming back for a 4th series.
I didn't like the ending.

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