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(January 2007)

On youtube there's some of the japanese dub of the parting of the ways.I haven't got sound so i couldn't hear the voices but i think they were lazy with the titles!They just made an animation with the new logo then they had the recap but all the text in the titles and the text after is in english!I doubt the japanese would know what it said unless someone voiced over it.

And theres some other japanese doctor who bits aswell.
can we have a link then?
brotherton sands
stevek posted:
can we have a link then?

I think that this is it.

There's a fair bit of Japanese Doctor Who on YouTube. Including what appears to be an ultra-short title sequence or something...

Actually this is what i meant.That's not a short title sequence,it's just a logo animation.After the recap there's our titles,which the japanese probably won't understand.
Mr-Stabby London London
Definitely better than most Jap translations i've seen. The foley/background noise, music and voices are at good levels. They will never get the right emotion in their voices though, their voices are always so bland. Even the most important part of Series 1, where the Doctor dies has almost no feeling in it at all with those voices!
Haha, good old English-to-Japanese translation. Doctor Who is written as Dokutaa Fuu in the titles. 'Fu' in Japanese is pronounced like 'hu' so it's not a bad transliteration really.

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