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fanoftv8,076 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
Very nice indeed. Lovely animations, great branding and a wonderful melody. I wonder if this has been designed in house. The narrator has a lovely calm voice too. I was going to say that it’s let down by the lack of introduction to programmes, but CITV have nothing like that.
PFMC841,473 posts since 28 Feb 2013
UTV Newsline
The logo, (the two shapes - one larger than the other), is likely inspired by Nick Jr. The animations are nice but having B B and a dot beside one another could almost use the casual viewer to think this is another BBC kids channel and not an ITV one.

Why did this need to be on ITV Be again? Couldn't they have simulcast this on CITV as well to encourage people to watch their new younger age group slot that would eventually take up residence there or be spun off into its own channel? I can't imagine anyone would think "Oh, it's 9am, better put ITV Be on for the kids programmes".
Joe6,503 posts since 9 Oct 2005
Meridian (South) South Today
It’s a B and an E, surely.

And I don’t imagine anybody thinks ‘I’ll put on…’ about anything unless a channel starts advertising it and getting that association going in the first place. I doubt anybody thought about putting CBeebies on for kids programmes when it started, as there was no precedence.
MiniMort29 posts since 4 Sep 2018
Central (West) Midlands Today
The theory is that ITV Be is watched by young mums, and young mums have young kids.

And also that to someone who doesn’t know the history CITV being a mix of young and old kids stuff feels like and alien concept.

That’s understandable now but when I first heard about it, it sounded like reality TV for children!