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Andrew Wood3,810 posts since 30 Mar 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
Everything is always about London!!!! It's very annoying. Do they know that Wales and Northern Ireland also show itv?

Two things: firstly - they did ask for members of the public with regional accents, perhaps because it's more convenient for the agency have people come to them, rather than scouring all corners of the country. Which brings me to the second point, Northern Ireland has UTV with its own presentation.*

*STV and UTV do see ITV's presentation at times, eg overnight for UTV and during ITV Breakfast hours for UTV and STV.
p_c_u_k2,069 posts since 27 Mar 2004
Can someone reassure me all the Carlton people have left the building? We could do without: "This is Christmas television for Britain" or something like that... Laughing
tomo359994 posts since 18 Oct 2009
Border (England)
Has anyone else noticed how some of the Autumn idents like back to some of the original Winter idents?

Like these;
Winter: http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=ITV-2013-ID-BEACH-1
Autumn: http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=ITV-2013-ID-SURFERS-1

Winter: http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=ITV-2013-ID-FISHANDCHIPS-1
Autumn: http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=ITV-2013-ID-CHIPSHOPSERVERY-1

Winter: http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=ITV-2013-ID-SWIMMERS-1
Autumn: http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=ITV-2013-ID-LAKESWIMMERS-1
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HTV Wales Wales Today

Don't forget pugwash and wet dog

I like this latest set. I just think they should use all the generic ones all year round like why can't we have pugwash, bowling, bingo, funfair and see-saw now? Also the idents seem to appear by time now. Wet dog is always on in to the chase and train in to the this morning news update.
nwtv20038,613 posts since 5 Jan 2003
Granada North West Today
We seem to be quite a way off HD becoming the norm. How long did channels add "Colour" to their idents for?

Surely Thames were the longest, although not on their ident as such, their endcap had the 'Colour Production' legend until 1989.

I noticed a lack of HD on the DOG this afternoon during Star Wars, having said that it didn't look HD and wasn't flagged as HD on the EPG.
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Which was also used for STV.