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ITV's Day of Promise memories

Split from Historical details of Central and other ITV Companies (December 2013)

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This is such a fascinating thread- I had no idea that this day/event ever existed! Must have completely passed me by- although I do remember the BBC Music Live thing which happened around the same time.

I'd be fascinated to know how many of those "Promise sites" were actually built and of those how many are still there. I'm surprised how cheap that one in the photo looks- I wonder if they all took that form or had different designs.

What happened after the big show then? Was the whole idea just quietly dropped or did they carry on with it for a while?
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75 were built. Many are now shut.

An addtion show was broadcast in December 2000.
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Mr Kite
I always though it was one site per region but looking up what little information there is on the internet about it, there appears to have been several per region. I just remember the Granada promo showing some metalic pyramid thing that appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, there was one at Albert Dock in Liverpool but I never saw it and I'm sure no one cared for what it was when it was there.

I seem to remember the hype ITV built up around this Day Of Promise. It seemed to start well back in 1999 too. The big day came and went and it seemed it was never referred to again. Even the hearts branding for the network seemed to peak at this point, despite running for another two and a half years. Certainly, GMG North began caring less and less about any of it not long after this.

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